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Social Ballroom Dance Lessons with Roger & Claire Vaka Questions

 Social Ballroom Dance Lessons
Roger & Claire Vaka
*  Marshfield, Massachusetts *  781-837-8684 * *

Old Number was 781-837-4943       New Number is 781-837-8684

In our area we have many good social ballroom teachers
Compare Us and phone or email us with your questions
1. What makes you different from other teachers?
     We teach as a couple, which means you have two professional teachers helping you to learn.
2. Why do you teach as a couple?
     Ballroom dancing is the enjoyment of dancing with a partner.  Teaching as a couple allows students to
 visually see what they are trying to learn and as a couple we can help our students achieve better partnering skills such as leading and following.
3. Why is the course price less than the pay per lesson price?
     When students pay for a course it ensures that we have enough money to pay our expenses for the duration
of the course, so we try to pass on the savings to our loyal students.  When students can not commit to a course, but want to take some lessons they pay the full price of a class lesson.  Please, review our payment policy on our first page.
4. Do you offer courses in just one dance?
     Most of our courses work on more than one dance at a time.  We have found that each dance helps out
 the other dances and when you go to a dance the dances keep changing.  By learning a little of each dance, you are able to dance to more of the dances. Occasionally, we will offer workshops in a particular dance to our students.
5. What do you teach in a beginner course?
     The beginner course teaches some of the fundamentals of four social ballroom dances,
 the Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha-Cha and Swing.
6. What is a beginner 2 course?
     A beginner 2 course is for students who have completed a beginner course and feel comfortable enough
 with the material to continue on.
7. When do you teach other dances?
    All courses, after the beginner course, we ask the class what dances they wish to cover in their new course.
 We review and add new dances with each course.


If you want to be "Dancing with the Stars" or just dancing under the stars these lessons will start you on your way.

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